The general manager of Ertransit, Carmen Aragón, in an interview published today, Monday, February 7, in the Diario del Puerto, is committed to intermodality, putting the customer at the center of operations, digitization of the supply chain and sustainability environmental.

Intermodality and the customer at the center

The uncertainty that the pandemic has aroused in global supply chains has led to a re-planning of operators’ working methods.

In this sense, Ertransit has evolved over the years towards putting the customer at the center, who now needs a service more focused on advice and information on the changes that are taking place within the logistics sector.

“We are evolving towards information and towards greater integration with the rest of the providers”, explains the general manager of Ertransit, who adds that the goal is “to provide the client with greater knowledge of how he can carry out his service and reach his client final”.

Therefore, the company’s objective is “to be a partner for the client and become a trusted supplier”.

In order to achieve this main objective, the general director of Ertransit points out that the principles of transparency and personalized service typical of Ertransit, reinforced with the experience of Erhardt (group in which it is a part), are the key to ensuring that the client see in the company “a guide”.

It is not possible to continue depending on a single mode of transport to cover the needs of a client

Likewise, Carmen Aragón considers that today “it is not possible to continue depending on a single mode of transport to cover the needs of a client and its final client”.

For this reason, Aragón explains that the combination of modes of transport is essential to achieve profitability for both parties. In this sense, one of Ertransit’s objectives for 2022 is to promote the railway in its product portfolio, for being more sustainable and for its usefulness in connections with ports.

Digitization and sustainability

Ertransit is focusing its resources on integrating all its information systems with each other, in order to achieve a constant flow of information in real time. “What we are working on is the connectivity of all our systems, not only internal ones, but those of customers and suppliers, as well as official bodies with the aim of speeding up data transport,” Aragón points out. .

On the other hand, betting on sustainability, Ertransit formally proceeds in 2022 to inform its customers of its carbon footprint reduction goals. Through the measurement of the carbon footprint derived from its warehouse and transport activities, Ertransit will obtain a reference figure from which it will detect the points for improvement and, consequently, make decisions to contribute to the environmental objectives set for Europe.

A sector open to women

In November 2021, Ertransit received the Enpresan Bardin Pyme award from the Bizkaia Business Confederation (CEBEK), which recognizes Bizkaia Companies that stand out for the actions carried out to promote equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace. The jury awarded Ertransit, Erhardt’s logistics company, for its commitment to promoting gender equality, “seeking equal recognition for equal capacity”, according to the company.

In this sense, Carmen Aragón, indicates in statements to Diario del Puerto that this award “is a recognition of all the work of the Ertransit team”.