ERTRANSIT has been present at the ERHARDT 2022 Convention, in which we had the opportunity to present the progress of our Digital Transformation Plan to the more than 140 attendees from the different companies of the Group.

Marta Florián and Miguel Casla from ERTRANSIT presented, together with Estíbaliz Domínguez and David del Olmo from SERIKAT, the Digital Transformation Plan that the company is developing and that includes a new vision of the business in terms of People, Processes, Organization and Technology.


The Chairman, Mr Eugenio Erhardt, launched the 2022 Convention in a year that celebrates the company’s 140 years of trading (1882-2022) by reviewing the milestones recorded over the past twelve months, which posted better-than-expected growth.

“The pandemic expedited the so-called digital transformation, and this prompted an increase in the demand for the development of digital products, risk assurance, and the purchase of commodities. Furthermore, at a time when global supply chains are unpredictable and under stress, logistics has become a crucial strategic factor for companies”. “ERHARDT”, the Chairman went on, “operates in a diversified market, in high-growth sectors, with customers that are now more digital, more global and more engaged with the environment, with these new variables already being included in our portfolio of services”.


Friday’s day ended with an intergenerational colloquium in which some of the “living legends” who have passed through Erhardt over the last fifty years and young additions to the Group participated.

Under the heading “GEN+NEXT”, the discussion was chaired by the director Mr Eugenio Erhardt Barrenechea, and involved delegates from “GEN”, such Mr Gerardo Tiedemann, Mr Ralf Endress, and Mr Pablo Engelmann, each one with an outstanding personal and professional career extending over more than 40 years at ERHARDT in the divisions of Maritime Services & Logistics and Steel & Trading. The “NEXT” generation consists of new recruits at ERHARDT, being represented by Ms. Ana García from Serikat, Mr Manuel López from Ertransit, and Manuel Fernández from MatErh.

This has been an intensely productive convention that, in the Chairman’s own words, “has highlighted the Group’s dynamism and the commitment shown by its teams, which have performed and shone at such a complicated time and while facing such uncertainty. All this endeavour, commitment and creativity have enabled us to progress and make major investments in personal development, the Group’s transformation, refreshing our traditional business offer, and creating new businesses