Ertransit obtains the Efficiency Network certification, the quality mark with which the Port of Barcelona accredits those organizations that operate within its facilities and acquire the commitment to efficiency to offer maximum satisfaction to the end customer.

The Efficiency Network accredits Ertransit as an organization that complies with the commitments established and acquired with its clients with regard to the reliability of operations, transparent information, and integrity of the goods in the Port of Barcelona.

Reliability, Information and Transparency Commitments, and Security.

The Efficiency Network is obtained after analyzing and complying with 50 objective indicators that certify to companies and administrations their commitment to efficiency towards their clients.

Reliability. Guarantee of good coordination between all agents in the chain to meet delivery times, shipping and dispatch times, availability of documentation.

Information and transparency. Provide information on the main operations, dates and incidents related to the import or export of the merchandise.

Security. There will be no incidents that affect the integrity of the merchandise during its passage through the Port of Barcelona.

By obtaining the Efficiency Network, we once again demonstrate our commitment and ability to provide quality global logistics services with a clear focus on meeting the needs of our customers.