Antón Asla, Manager for R&D projects at Serikat, has given a master class to primary and secondary school students from the Basque Country within the Program promoted by Innobasque “FIRST LEGO League Euskadi”

The students learned first-hand how Ertransit and the Serikat technology company are immersed in an R&D project in which they try to optimize container space, addressing the problem of “BIN PACKING” or the optimization of occupied space.

The Ertransit R&D project contemplates different options, such as the use of heuristic optimization algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning or Quantum Computing, to optimize the way of stowing goods of different classes and sizes in a container.

First Lego League is an international educational program where more than 500,000 schoolchildren between 6 and 16 years old from 110 countries around the world participate each year, which seeks to awaken the interest of youth in science and technology, the so-called STEAM.

This year, the First Lego League Euskadi has chosen the freight transport sector as its challenge, “CARGO CONNECT: faster, safer and more efficient”.