Last week Ertransit was present at the CERSAIE Fair, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furniture.

Bologna was once again the must-visit city for global tile professionals and the center of the latest developments in the sector. An Italian event attended by more than 140 Spanish companies, the largest delegation of exhibitors after the Italian.

Olga Sánchez has been in charge of representing our company and taking the pulse of the Spanish exporters present at the fair. The influx of visitors has exceeded initial expectations, given the high degree of uncertainty due to its face-to-face format. Although the organization and the participants have highlighted the good reception and the massive influx of visitors, now we have to wait for the balance at the commercial level and the conversion of orders that the companies reach.

“With our presence, we wanted to be close and support our clients in this first sector fair in which a certain normality is returned. We continue to jointly build a trusted supply chain that ensures compliance with the commitments made by our clients ”

says Olga Sánchez, Export Manager of Ertransit.

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