Combined Air-Sea Freight

Competitive and sustainable logistics solutions

Combined air-sea freight 

Competitive solutions for those companies that need to combine the best of both worlds: the cost-saving of sea freight and the speed of air freight, significantly reducing their carbon emissions from each one of their shipments.

Advantages of our combined air-sea service:  


A ONE-STOP SHOP for expediting your urgent shipments


We combine cost-saving with speed of delivery.


We are committed to reducing carbon emissions.

Specialised combined service  
Air-sea freight solutions  

Sea freight

We oversee the collection and delivery of your goods in any market, doing so in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

Air freight

Experience our global air freight services, combining speed, response time and competitive pricing.

Time Critical

When time is of the essence, we respond immediately to your need to ship to any part of the world.

Choosing a combined freight service  

When you want to combine speed and cost. For example, shipping by sea from Asia to Spain and from here by air to the rest of Europe.

Provided your products are suitable for shipping by both means of transport.

Other services of interest  


Risk management is the best way of ensuring your peace of mind. Guarantee the full coverage of your shipments by arranging our cargo insurance.


We streamline the movement of your goods by reducing border wait times. We include customs formalities in our logistics services.

Warehousing and distribution

Our services in customised storage, consolidation and distribution are the finest complement for your supply chain.