Special Project Cargo

Customised solutions for your shipment

Special shipments of turnkey cargos  

Project cargo have their own particular complexity: OOG and heavy goods, with delivery sometimes involving practically inaccessible sites. Ertransit has the expertise, means and personnel to deliver your products safely, securely and efficiently anywhere in the world.

Solutions for special project cargo 

Container freight

Large items that can be shipped in special containers: Open Top, Flat Rack and High Cube. For shipping machinery, large vehicles, large parts...

Break bulk cargo

Products that exceed the dimensions or weight allowed per container. Freight solutions by road, sea and air. For large industrial parts, special vehicles, construction...


We rely on Eco Marítima, our company that specialises in the charter of dedicated vessels for your cargos. Advisory and arrangement of charter and insurance policies.

Maritime terminals

Through our group’s stevedoring companies, we have our own maritime terminals in Galicia and Northern Spain, the Mediterranean, and Southern France.

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Advantages of our project cargo  


A highly skilled team specialising in project cargo with protracted EXPERIENCE in the design and development of these kinds of operations.

Risk management

We handle all those situations that may negatively affect your operations. We cover the risk with the finest SOLUTIONS available in the insurance market.


We work flexibly, adapting to each need and RESPONDING to changes quickly, with a customised 24/7 service.