Urgent Air freight

Immediate response when the time
is a critical factor for your business

Urgent Air Freight 

Priority collections with guaranteed next-day delivery (ETD), anywhere in the world.

If you have an urgent shipment, call us now at

Healthcare supplies that save lives, key spare parts to avoid downtime in industry, vessels, aircraft. Leisure, sports and trade events to be held on a specific date. Urgent documents that need to be delivered by hand…

Ertransit has the experience and capacity to fulfil these requirements through the provision of an immediate response anywhere in the world.
Advantages of our Time Critical services:  


A ONE-STOP SHOP for streamlining your urgent shipments.


Door-to-door solutions around the clock throughout the entire year.

Customised solutions

Aircraft On Ground. On Board Courier. Next Flight Out. Charter.


To/from the WORLD’S major airports.

Customs formalities

Customs services EXPRESS import/export.


Scheduled and unscheduled deliveries TO SUIT your circumstances .

Sector experience and specialisation  
Type of shipments  

Dangerous goods

Skilled team certified by IATA. Ask about any kind of goods considered to be dangerous, and we will advise you on how to ship them by air to any part of the world. IATA-certified classification, declaration and packaging.

Temperature control

Controlled chain to ensure shipments reach their destination at the requested temperature. Refrigerated and frozen shipments customised for each product. Dry ice and data logger carriage for sensitive goods. Foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals....

When to choose time critical air freight  

Unscheduled shipments

Healthcare emergencies. Stoppage of the production line. Need to deliver by hand. Urgent documents

Scheduled shipments

Ensure the timely delivery of your products to distribution channels. Shipment of prototypes. Requirement to guarantee point-point delivery.

Time Critical air solutions

AOG – Aircraft On Ground
OBC – On Board Courier
NFO – Next Flight Out

Otros servicios de interés 

Combined freight

Competitive solutions that combine the best of both worlds: the cost-saving of sea freight and the speed of air freight.


We include customs formalities in the supply chain with a view to streamline the transit of your goods across borders.

Warehousing and distribution

We design bespoke solutions for your company involving warehousing, packing, distribution, stock management...


Find peace of mind with our insurance solutions for protecting your shipments.