It is paradoxical that we export olive trees to Lebanon, when it was the Phoenicians, the current Lebanese, who brought this tree to the Iberian Peninsula about 3,000 years ago.

The special devotion for the olive tree continues in the country to this day, a good example of this is the recent shipment of olive trees carried out by ERHARDT Ertransit, the freight forwarder of ERHARDT Logistics, to Beirut from the Port of Valencia.

Normally trees do not travel, so a trip from Spain to Beirut is a stressful time for an olive tree. Our colleagues from Valencia have taken care of every last detail of the trip so that the tree arrives in perfect condition to be replanted in its new land. The large-volume Olivos were duly secured aboard a 40-foot OOG (Out of Gauge Cargo) container from the Maersk shipping company.

The olive branch is a symbol of peace, and it is because it is one of the attributes that the Greek goddess of peace, Irene, carried in her hand, symbolizing abundance and victory over evil spirits. In ancient Greece and Rome, olive branches were exchanged as an offer of peace after a battle.

We put our best wishes on these olive trees transported by ERHARDT Ertransit so that they bring a little peace to a land where the winds of peace no are currently blowing.