Within UNIFORCE alliance network, ERHARDT Ertransit is successfully managing the rail Service coming from China to Spain, providing efficient solutions for a Corporate Construction Company, in cooperation with ASW China as UNIFORCE China partner.

The containerized cargo, coming from Shanghai, will head to Abroñigal station in Madrid in less than  25 days transit time, thus bypassing issues related to the conflict in the Red Sea. Currently, this rail journey is +20 days faster than maritime transport, which is affected by tensions in the region.

Given the growing tension in the Red Sea and the interruptions in maritime traffic, ERHARDT Ertransit is choosing new solutions, such as the transcontinental railway, as the best transport mode to guarantee efficiency, safety and cost in the timely delivery of products to our customers.


These types of rail transport solutions are environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 emissions and decongesting roads, with the added value of their regularity and guaranteed cargo delivery.

With this solution, we can complement maritime shipments with rail transport, an efficient and agile option to keep your business moving in the face of interruptions, such as the current ones, in the busiest maritime routes.

ERHARDT Logistics offers seamless service from China to Europe, overcoming any potential disruption in the supply chain.