We reproduce the interview that the CEVISAMA special publication conducted with Olga Sánchez, Export Manager of ERHARDT Ertransit. CEVISMA celebrates this year the 40th International Ceramics Exhibition, which will be held in Valencia from today, February 26 to Friday, March 1.

We are delighted to attend CEVISAMA again, which this year celebrates its 40th edition. This fair is an outstanding reference and an emblematic showcase for our sector and for the Spain brand, proudly showing the leadership of our country in the ceramic industry at a European level.

As logistics service providers for this sector, we play an essential role in your commercial strategy. The Spanish ceramic industry occupies a very prominent place globally in terms of production volume and we are proud to contribute to its success and expansion.

We consider ourselves an important part of the ceramics business environment and our company, ERHARDT Ertransit, has evolved hand in hand with companies in this sector. We have witnessed how some companies, which were SMEs four decades ago, have become key global players. In addition, we accompany new companies that seek expansion by exporting their products to the international market. We have grown together and have facilitated access to new markets, contributing, to our extent, to the growth of so many companies. A relationship that goes beyond that of a client, that is why we are here, at CEVISAMA, we are part of this sector.

We are characterized by specialized knowledge of the ceramic sector and a close, personal treatment. We strive to free our clients from the complexities of supply chains, so they can dedicate more time and energy to growing their businesses.

At ERHARDT Ertransit, we work in close collaboration with both ends of the chain, the exporting manufacturers and the recipients of the products. Both types of clients have a common objective: to have the guarantee that their products are delivered on time to the agreed place. In this sense, our capacity and experience in international logistics facilitates smooth door-to-door shipments.

ERHARDT Ertransit is integrated into ERHARDT Logistics, a logistics group with more than 140 years of life, which allows us to offer a range of integrated services, ranging from transportation, chartering, customs, storage, consolidation of goods… to the loading of special projects. (Heavy Lift). We provide comprehensive coverage of global logistics services, facilitating an end-to-end supply chain.

Currently, at ERHARDT we have more than a thousand professionals working in our offices in Spain, China, USA, Portugal, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Effectively addressing each link in the international supply chain requires a clear understanding of the nuances of each industrial sector and the ceramic industry has its own challenges and perhaps the most important is to prevent its logistics chains from operating in a fragmented and disjointed manner. A fragmented approach stresses the business and often generates additional costs, non-delivery and blind spots in the chain.

For us, the key lies in working under effective logistics integration, which saves time, effort and costs. Addressing the entire logistics process in an integrated manner with a single point of contact provides complete visibility of the chain and is the best way to maximize both delivery efficiency and financial savings.